Whats New

 Tensal  SR-4 Utilized for Long Term Curb/Walkway Repair

Tensal SR-4 is being used to make formed in place repairs to broken and chipped curbs and walkways.   Its consistency allows it to be pressed on and shaped with ordinary hand tools.  Consider it for your spot repair solution.

Western Bridge Engineers Society Conference

Are you attending the Western Bridge Engineers Society Conference in Bellevue Washington in September?  We will be there with our associates from DYMAT BEARINGS.   Thanks to all that came by to introduce yourselves to us.   We hope to work with each of you in the near future.



In a recent shear beam test at University of Nevada Reno, two Tensal reinforced ECC  beams (5’ x 12” x 5”) wouldn’t cooperate.  Predicted failure was at 84-90 kips but these  beams were still intact at 120 kips.  Since that was the maximum capacity of this particular setup, the test was discontinued and the two beams were retired undefeated.

Design equations for this high shear capacity material are being revised as part of the  test program.