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Tensal SR Resilient Concrete


A new generation of concrete construction and repair products are available from FiberMatrix, providing the building industry with a substantial improvement in material qualities and capability.

In the class of high performance concretes generally known as Engineered Cementitious Composites (ECC), FiberMatrix, Inc makes available a selection of well tested resilient fiber-reinforced concrete products in pails, bulk bags, and soon, from selected ready mix producers.





Damage Tolerance under severe loading

These attributes, along with superior Shear Capacity, Energy Absorption, and De-lamination Resistance lead to a powerful new   Design Flexibility for Architects, Engineers and Contractors

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 ASCE salutes top projects with 2019 OCEA honors

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Flexible Seattle off-ramp would retain shape in quake

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Precast concrete spliced-girder bridge in Washington State using superelastic materials in bridge columns to improve seismic resiliency: From research to practice 

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March 2, 2014

The University of Nevada, Reno is proud to announce some pretty big news concerning Earthquake Research. They now have the largest seismic simulation facility in the United States and the second largest in the world after their successful expansion that included moving three new 27-ton shake table tops into the school's new Earthquake Engineering Laboratory. UNR civil engineering professor David Sanders states they will now be able to test things that they haven't been able to previously. The shake table tops, called platens, are very large and strong surfaces that researchers can attach structures too. The structures are then shaken to determine their ability to withstand damage from earthquakes. Scientists can use them to test a multitude of things, including new techniques for building safer bridges, highways and housing.


Tensal SR-4 Utilized for Long Term Curb/Walkway Repair

Tensal SR-4 is being used to make formed in place repairs to broken and chipped curbs and walkways. Its consistency allows it to be pressed on and shaped with ordinary hand tools. Consider it for your spot repair solution.


Check out "PRODUCTS" tab for a pictorial on the TENSAL SR4 used to save an aging UNR office building.

The One that got away

In a recent shear beam test at University of Nevada Reno, two Tensal reinforced ECC beams (5’ x 12” x 5”) wouldn’t cooperate and defeated all efforts of their super ram to destroy them. READ THE DETAILS under the "Whats New" tab.


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